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Female Leadership Academy
Female Leadership Academy


How are you making the most of your days?
How are you making the most of your days?

GOLD W's! - Have you filled out yours?

Bruins!  Have you filled out your monthly Gold W sheets?  Do you wonder what in the world is a Gold W sheet?  The Gold W sheets are a spot to record all the things you are involved in (athletics, clubs, dance, drama, music, etc.) and all the things you attend (football games, meetings, events on campus, etc.).  


Why do you want to record all these things?  Each month, point by point they accumulate into MEDALLIONS at Graduation!  

Gold W's:  225 points

Jewel W's: 300 points

Diamond W's: 400 points 


Monthly Gold W sheets are due the first Friday of each month.  


Any questions, come to Activities, we are here to help.  

Link Crew Freshmen Orientation for the CLASS of 2022!

Link Crew
Class of 2022
Freshmen Orientation Students Only!

Last names A-L - Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Last names M-Z - Thursday, August 23, 2018

Freshmen Orientation is 8:03am – 12:32pm.
Big Gym at Woodrow Wilson High School

Calling all Freshmen!!!! Come get “Linked” to upperclassmen and learn Wilson’s policies and procedures
all while having fun and making new friends! You will receive your preliminary class schedule , take
your ID & yearbook photo , check out your textbooks , and have an opportunity to purchase your
yearbook ($85) from the banker (Cash, Money Order, or Credit/Debit Card 3% Processing Fee). The
PTSA will also be selling the latest Wilson “looks”- sweatshirts, polos, and other fun spirit items .
Don’t forget to bring your emergency cards, and cafeteria forms that you received in your summer

Be sure to wear a white or cardinal collared shirt!
If you must wear an undershirt underneath your collared shirt it must be white!


This is a don’t miss and don’t be late for opportunity!


Link Crew 

Class of 2022 

Parent Orientation 

Thursday, August 23, 2018 


Rally Grass in the Quad 


Parents! Here’s your opportunity to be “Linked” just like the Freshman Class of 2022!  Please bring a lawn/beach chair or towel/blanket to sit upon the rally grass to see firsthand what your Freshman experienced at Link Crew and become familiar with Wilson, its policies and procedures.  Come meet other Wilson parents and have an opportunity to purchase Yearbooks ($85) and PE clothes (Shirts $10, Shorts $10) from the banker (Cash, Money Order or Credit/Debit Cards 3% Processing Fee).  Join the Wilson PTSA and go shopping for the latest Wilson “looks”- sweatshirts, polos, and other fun spirit items.  


Link Crew 2017
Link Crew 2017


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Homecoming Court 2017
Homecoming Court 2017
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